💡 Frequently asked questions about translations

About price

The exact price of a translation is determined by five factors: language pair, type of text, field of expertise, number of words and requested delivery deadline. We may offer discounts for large translations or those with no urgent deadlines. Ask us about that!

About layout

Your translation will be delivered in the same layout as the source document you provided. If this cannot be achieved, due to technical issues, we will explain the reasons beforehand.

About file formats

We can work with a large number of different file formats: DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT, IDML, JSON, XML, PUB, etc. Your file is an unusual format? Let us know and we will run a trial version for you beforehand, free of charge.

About illustrations

If the text content of an image is also to be translated, there are two possibilities: either you provide separate, editable source files or we translate the content as plain text in a separate document.

About terminology

Ideally, you will indicate your preferences in advance. We can then take them into consideration during the translating work. If we have not received notification of any such preferences, our translators will carry out the necessary research and make their own decisions. We may get in touch with you during the translating process if we need your feedback.

About writing style

We adapt to your wishes. We make sure your texts come across as formal or informal, dry, business-like or modern, hip and dynamic. Your wish is our command. All this starts with a sound briefing beforehand.

About language variations

Depending on your target audience, we will engage a translator who is British or American, French or French-speaking Belgian, Dutch or Flemish, Spanish or South American, to name but a few.

About legal translations

Our legal translators are also at your service. However, we do not provide apostille translations, or translations that are sworn or legalised. If needed, please visit this website of Belgian sworn translators.

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